Why mentua.org?

Hi there,

Everything at mentua.org is about learning –  from all aspects of life.

The problem is: I am forgetful. I tend to forget about the trivial things and brilliant concepts once I have learned them and do not apply them regularly in my job or in my private life. Then one day, when I need them again, I usually only have a rough recollection about how they worked.

To deal with my forgetfulness, I developed the habit of writing things down. This helped to organise my mind better and allows me to retrieve things even when I have not dealt with them for years. So far so god…

I kept this collection of insights earlier written in notebooks, later on organised them digitally (kudos to Apple for their notes app) and later realised that people were asking me about things I had in my notes and that some of them instantly helped to master their challenges.

So I thought maybe it is time to start a blog and share some of the things I keep for myself with others who may have derived similar trains of thought or who may find the stuff I wrote useful to build upon on even totally reject (sometimes it is really great to know what you don’t want to help shape your own thoughts).

That is why I started mentua.org. I hope you can gain something from it. If so, feel free to take it. Most of the thoughts and ideas aren’t mine. They are „stolen“ from other much greater thinkers, sometimes wildly mixed  and sometimes I add some own spice. So whenever I remember a source and can recall who originally came up with a concept or added to my thoughts, I try to attribute it in the articles.

Don’t expect truth but efforts to discover patterns in the messy challenges of life.